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The deposit that moves home with you

Transfer your deposit from one property to the next. Any time. For free.

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Bye-bye double deposits πŸ‘‹

Over 60% of UK renters pay a new deposit before getting their old one back. This can leave renters Β£2,500 out of pocket. That ain’t right.

Don't live through the double deposit problem. With a lifetime deposit, your new landlord gets the money when they want it, and your old landlord holds onto the money until you move out. You sit there feeling smug.

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Connected to deposit schemes

If your deposit is protected by a scheme that's signed up to Fronted's Lifetime Deposit, you'll qualify.

Works with all deposit types

Insured? Custodial? Not sure? No problemo, the lifetime deposit will work for both forms of protection.

0% interest

A Lifetime Deposit is interest-free, and if there's a balance left over, you'll have three months to pay it back.

How Lifetime works


Activate your Lifetime Deposit

Fronted members can get their Lifetime Deposit in-app at any time at no extra cost. All you need to do is add the details of your existing deposit, and we will do the rest. It's that simple.


Find your new home

After you've found your new home, add its information to the Fronted app so we know where to send your deposit.


We pay your new deposit

The Lifetime Deposit amount is equal to your existing deposit, so if your next deposit is more, we'll ask you to top-up the difference in the app. If your deposit is less, we'll send the difference after your move.


Your old deposit is returned

Because we work with deposit protection schemes, the money from your old deposit will come back to us directly - so you don’t have to do anything! If there is a balance left over, you will have three months to settle it.

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Also in the Fronted app

Fronted members can lower the upfront costs for moving with a Lifetime Deposit, one of the many Fronted app features.


Improve your credit score

Make your monthly payments on time, and keep track of your credit score with our rent reporting tool.


Low-interest loans

Access to low-interest loans whenever you need them.


Mortgages for first-time buyers

Help to save for a first-time mortgage & introductions to mortgage providers.

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What our customers are saying

  • YU

    Yuriy Iliev

    23 Oct 2021


    Made my first time renting in UK a breeze

    β€œYou guys helped me make better use of my tight budget. So easy to apply and get answer from you. Made my first time renting in UK a breeze. Thank you very much to all your team. Cheers!”
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  • RO

    Rohan Satpute

    20 Sept 2021


    Fantastic service

    β€œThis was a fantastic service. From application to the approval within 48 hrs and the support is absolutely phenomenal. Amazing work on incorporating the feedback. I could see that they take the service pretty seriously and are happy to help in any regards possible. 100% recommended. In fact, I have already told about the service to a couple of people who were looking to move.”
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  • T


    27 Jul 2021


    I was genuinely fronted.

    β€œI was genuinely fronted recently with a deadline to relocate to a new city for a new job and the prospect of having to find a deposit out of thin air. I had run into an emergency earlier in the month resulting in me having to spend my savings on temporary accommodation rather than the deposit it was intended for. I came across Fronted after a...”
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  • JO


    20 Jun 2021


    Super easy process

    β€œSuper easy process from beginning to end. Had my deposit approved within 24 hours and have sent it to the agents today. It’s such a useful thing to be able to do, removing the financial barrier that prevents a lot of people moving. The interest is really not that much and is affordable, I would think, to all.”
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  • LI


    14 Jun 2021


    Fantastic customer service.

    β€œFantastic customer service and a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I was left struggling to find money for a deposit and rent upfront and fronted helped me to secure my tenancy and funds were sent and received the same day. Would recommend that anyone seeking help for a new property to give fronted a try.”
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  • Jack

    May 27th, 2021


    I had an exceptionally great experience…

    β€œI had an exceptionally great experience with Fronted. Customer support is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. They helped us going through the process in every step. Fairly quick too, no complaint. Time to move! 🚚 πŸ“¦β€
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  • Danny

    Feb 17th, 2021


    Completely smashed expectations

    β€œCompletely smashed expectations for the process. The process from getting email from agent requesting a deposit to it reaching their account took less than a day. Thank you everyone at Fronted!”
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  • KI


    Apr 21st, 2021


    Really positive experience so far

    β€œReally positive experience so far, had my deposit approved within the day and when I updated my information I had my final deposit approved within minutes and sent to my letting agency :) I look forward to the next 12 months with them”
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  • TR


    March 4th, 2021


    Absolutely great service

    β€œAbsolutely great service. Process was straightforward and efficient. Their authenticity and reliability is second none. Great service. Thanks to Lucy for the exceptional service.”
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  • E

    E Bennett

    March 11th, 2021


    A easy, fast friendly service

    β€œWhere do I start ! Fronted were there to help me when nobody else could. I found the whole process from start to finish pleasant and straight forward. The team was always there to answer any questions in a timely polite manner.”
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